01 Dec 2021

Leather Tie-dye

December 1 , 2021

Tie-dye has a long history, traditionally, tie-dyeing has always been applied to textile or fabrics. With the help of yarn, thread, rope and other tools, the process of tie-dye typically consists of tie, stitch, tie, clip or combination of any of these, and followed by the application of dye or dyes.


In recent years, leather designers have creatively integrated tie-dyeing techniques into leather coloring. Using tie-dye techniques and color matching skills, the finished leather will naturally form a twisted pleated texture and unique colorful prints, which reinterpreting the romance and freedom of leather coloring.

It is worth noting that the patterns of tie-dyed leather come from coloring on leather surface, which requires the dyes to have high coverage and penetration power. With continuous study and improvement, Lorence has developed a set of dyes suitable for leather tie-dyeing. Given its excellent penetration power, the dyes help to penetrate into leather and form tie-dye patterns in a short time.


With Lorence’s tie-dyes and various wrapping techniques, designers could create leather patterns with colorful and vivid color, which can be applied to handbags, shoes, wallets and other leather articles.

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