28 Apr 2022

Leather Shoes Dyeing Skills in Italian Style| Lorence Aqua Stain

April 28, 2022

Italian handmade leather shoes have long been famous all over the world. In addition to a good last and top-grade of leather, a pair of high-end handmade leather shoes is also featured with dedicated dyeing skills.


Leather dyes on the market are generally alcoholic dyes or anionic dyes. In general, the leather dyeing process includes dyeing, color fixing, glazing, and the final hand-feel modifier. In the process of leather dyeing, the rapid penetration of these dyes often leads to uneven dyeing results, and the subsequent gloss obtained through shoe cream or solid wax is not natural enough. As a result, it is difficult to present a high-end feeling. Therefore, the final dyeing effect of a pair of handmade leather shoes often depends on the experience and craftsmanship of the shoemaker.


Taking into account the increasing pursuit of handmade leather shoes in the market, Lorence is committed to developing an easy-to-use colorant, an all-in-one product that can complete all the steps of leather dyeing. With the help of this product, handmade leather shoemakers can easily produce high-end Italian style leather shoes.


Aqua Stain Dyes

Blend natural and synthetic waxes in water emulsion, binders and dyestuffs with high penetration and dyeing power. Lorence Aqua Stain Dyes consists of a series of fluid cream dyes, presented in a water-based setting that has revolutionized the approach to the dyeing and finishing of crust leathers


With only one product, you can transform ordinary crust leather shoes into elegant and high-end Italian-style leather shoes. The treated leather shoes are granted with desired dyeing effects while remaining their original softness and texture. The shoes can obtain a natural and transparent brightness after slight polishing.


  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Use a sponge or wool ball to soak the dye.
  3. Dye the leather using circular motion. Let it dry.
  4. The colour of crust leather will affect the final outcome of the dye effect. If applied pale colour dyes, please applied it on white crust to achieve better result.
  5. For spray usage, please add 20% thinner into the dyes before application.


Color Chart:

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